Improving study precision
via continuous low touch
digital data collection.


On-line access to 
your data from 
study start to finish.


Generate professional quality 
charts and graphs  
as your study progresses.

Introducing Vium

"After flying under the radar for the last three years, Vium Inc. is coming out of the shadows with a technology it thinks will change the face of in vivo testing."

BioCentury Innovations cover story, June 2nd, 2016

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Driving the next generation of preclinical research.

Vium is the leader in living informatics platforms, focused on applying advances in life sciences, digital technology and large-scale interpretive methods to living systems.  We combine the latest in sensors, computer intelligence and biomedical science to help researchers get higher quality, more predictive data from preclinical studies.

With Vium you can make faster decisions and deliver better therapies to market in less time.

Design. Run. Analyze.

We empower scientists to focus on the research, not the process, so they can get to discoveries and insights faster.

Vium develops breakthrough research models across a variety of therapeutic areas. Launch a study using one of our fully validated models or design a custom study tailored to your exact needs with support from our expert in vivo scientists.

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Leading Researchers Depend on Vium

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