Airflow has a significant impact on animal welfare, physiology, and behavior. The Digital Vivarium® uses individually ventilated cages (IVCs) ensuring biological isolation from cage to cage as well as more precise control and tracking of airflow, thereby ensuring that the animals are receiving the highest standard of care.  

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Arthritis Index

The Vium Arthritis Index™ enables researchers to evaluate the efficacy and safety of therapeutic interventions in rodent models of RA through near realtime measurements and data analysis. Our use of physiological measurements combined with advanced analytics provides a highly sensitive readout of arthritis induction, as well as clinically relevant measures of therapeutic response.  

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Activity Metric

Measurement of overall activity, as well as specific subtypes of activity such as circadian rhythms and particular aspects of locomotion, can be used as an integrated readout for tracking disease progression.  Vium's platform enables motion tracking of subjects non-invasively and is used as a measure to track disease progression and treatment in a variety of animal models.

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Breathing Rate

Measuring changes in breathing rate can lead to the early detection of disease and is key in evaluating the safety profile of novel therapeutics. A range of conditions including exercise, stress, lung disorders, cardiovascular disease, metabolic acidosis, drug overdose, and central nervous system abnormalities can all manifest in detectable alterations in breathing rate.

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Scientific Posters

Vium Arthritis Index™ (PDF)  

Presented at the American Association of Immunology Annual Meeting 2016

Vium Smart Housing™ (PDF) 

Presented at the AALAS NCB Annual Symposium



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