Vium and Biomere Announce Collaboration to Provide Preclinical Research Services using Vium’s Smart Cage Technology

Biomere showcases Vium’s platform at this year’s American College of Toxicology meeting in Phoenix, AZ

November 18, 2019

San Mateo, CA — Vium, Inc., the scientific leader in delivering digital biomarker driven insights from preclinical in vivo research and Biomere, a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) who delivers a personalized approach to drug discovery and development, will attend the American College of Toxicology (ACT) conference together in Phoenix, AZ. At the conference, Biomere will feature Vium’s innovative digital biomarkers now available as part of Biomere’s unique preclinical service offering around specialty animal models.

“Collaborating with Biomere, a leading specialty preclinical CRO with deep scientific experience, will allow researchers greater access to the Vium technology enabling them to leverage our unique digital biomarkers to derive deeper insights from their preclinical studies,” said Laura Schaevitz, CSO of Vium. “Traditionally, researchers are limited in the data that can be collected from each animal on study. The Vium platform is fundamentally changing that paradigm. Digital biomarker data are collected continuously on each animal throughout the study with the goal of using these large data sets to create algorithms that more reliably and accurately predict disease and compound efficacy.”

“The Vium alliance allows Biomere to enhance existing service offerings providing additional assessments in a variety of pharmacological models,” said April Hall, executive vice president of Biomere. “Early and accurate detection of specific biomarkers will support our clients in their drug discovery efforts.”

The state-of-the-art platform, including Vium’s Smart Housing™, Vium Cloud, and Research Suite is the gold- standard in vivo platform combining computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and sensor technology to non-invasively collect digital biomarkers from the animal in its home cage. These digital biomarkers include data on animal activity levels, breathing rate, and other behaviors. By providing continuous, rich data sets, the platform enables researchers to identify which digital biomarkers, or combinations of biomarkers, are the strongest indicators in a specific disease model. Currently, Vium, in collaboration with pharma, biotech, and academic partners, have explored digital signatures of more than 45 different animal models of disease.

“Vium is committed to bringing innovative technology to drug development,” said Wendel Barr, CEO of Vium. Five of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies now have Vium’s Smart Housing™ system in their labs but we recognize that not all researchers have access to a vivarium. By collaborating with a leading preclinical CRO provider like Biomere, we combine their scientific expertise in preclinical research and customer service with our advanced digital platform and insights to benefit all researchers.”

The American College of Toxicology Conference (ACT) hosts toxicologists, pharmacologists and other preclinical researchers to discuss advancements in toxicology.

Leveraging AI and digital sensors to replace manual monitoring improves the quality and reliability of data, while at the same time reducing stress on the animal, which can also impact experimental results. It also allows researchers the ability to collect more data than is possible using manual methods. Vium is the frontrunner in developing a full stack solution that includes hardware, software and scientific insights.

About Vium, Inc.
Vium is the first company to create a fully digital end to end Digital Vivarium® platform which is transforming in vivo research. The Vium Digital Vivarium, Vium Cloud, and online Research Suite empower scientists to optimize advances in bioengineered research models in ways previously not possible. Vium is fully accredited by AAALAC International and received an unprecedented AAALAC commendation for upholding the ‘3 Rs’, the gold-standard framework for humane animal research. Customers run the spectrum of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and computational drug discovery companies, academia, and novel therapeutic labs. Vium is backed by leading investors, including Lux Capital, Data Collective, Dolby Family Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Founders Fund, and Future Shape LLC. Vium is headquartered in San Mateo, California. Visit Vium at

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