Aging and healthspan are growing areas of medical research.  Understanding the aging process and the underlying mechanisms may help us combat age related diseases and potentially improve healthspan. Vium's platform with 24/7 non-invasive monitoring and recording of subjects in their home cage provides provides an ideal set-up for aging and healthspan studies.  The collection of longitudinal digital measurements over the course of months and even years enables the investigation of changes in physiological parameters such as circadian rhythms, activity and breathing rates, across the entire lifespan of the subject.  These types of studies are not possible to perform with such high precision using any other platform.

In addition to the automated data collection, Vium also provides conventional assessments including longevity, body condition, body weight (automated in-cage weights in validation), and blood chemistry/hematology.  

Typical aging models use  inbred mouse strains, such as C57Bl/6, or use 4-way and 8-way/Collaborative Cross animals.  Vium can conduct studies using customer specified transgenic models and and can work with you to design a custom aging study.

Aging and Healthspan

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