Vium's Discovery Lab - Improving Disease Models

Vium has successfully worked with partners in both academia and industry to apply digital measures across a wide range of therapeutic areas to more accurately observe in vivo studies helping improve the application and use of disease models.

Vium's Discovery Lab performs contract research for clients providing 24/7 remote monitoring of studies and digital metrics utilizing Vium’s Smart Housing™ technology.  Every cage in our facility is digitally enabled with 24/7 video recording and data streaming to the cloud.   Our system allows sponsors to view their studies at any time and watch the study progress in near-real time using our online Research Suite portal with live study views and data analysis.

Disease Areas

The Discovery Lab has experience in running models in the following application and disease areas:

  • Phenotyping
  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • Liver and Lung Injury 
  • Arthritis 
  • Aging Studies
  • Respiratory 
Vium Discovery Lab Facilities
  • Full service Vivarium located in the SF Bay Area, CA
  • Experienced Study Directors and Vivarium Staff
  • AALAC Accredited with IACUC
  • Over 2,000 Smart Housing equipped Mouse and Rat cages
  • Run in vivo studies with 24/7 video capture and continuous data read-outs
  • Obtain full video record of your study
  • Access your study data in near-real time from any web browser
High Precision Disease Model Examples

Under Development

  • Lung Injury
  • Cuprizone Model
  • LPS Model
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Customer Directed Studies - Optimize Models Using Vium Technology

We have successful experience working with clients to optimize their disease models improving model reliability and providing insights that are not possible with conventional study methods. 

Contact us to learn more.