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Vium works with like minded partners who want to significantly improve the state of preclinical in vivo research. These partnerships are key to raising standards on the quality and reliability of early study outcomes, so researchers can accelerate development of promising therapies.  Vium works hand-in-hand with partners to solve their most important challenges, including tailoring preclinical studies and solutions for their unique needs. Together, we can significantly enhance the translation of discovery and development programs in the clinic. 

Custom Model Development - Digitizing Models

Vium’s ability to continuously capture novel health metrics such as breathing rates, motor activity, and circadian patterns digitally and in real time, has opened a new paradigm for in vivo efficacy testing.  We work with partners in both academia and industry to apply digital measures across a wide range of therapeutic areas to more accurately observe the onset of disease and treatment effects, thereby providing novel insights.


Technology Access - Deploy Vium's Technology at Your Site

Implement Vium’s state-of-the-art technology in your own vivarium with our on-site deployment program in which we install, integrate and support the Digital Vivarium, Vium Cloud, and Research Suite at your site. We also offer additional reserve capacity at our own Digital Vivarium for overflow, additional screening, model development, and training.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Technology Development

We work on solving complex problems to further our understanding of living systems.  Our platform development programs range from hardware, sensors, and cameras to software, video, image, and data analysis.  Vium has extensive intellectual property and a robust research program to extend the capacities of our platform.  Partners have the opportunity to influence, shape, and sponsor our technology roadmap.  

Technology Service Partners

If you offer a technology or service that may be interesting to pair with our platform, contact us about our preferred partner program.  Vium clients can purchase partners’ services or technologies such as in vitro or ex vivo testing including histopathology, immunoassays, genetic analysis etc., through our platform.



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