Vium has successfully worked with partners in both academia and industry to apply digital measures across a wide range of therapeutic areas to more accurately observe in vivo studies helping improve the application and use of disease models. Through use of our revolutionary Smart Housing™ system, clients are able to conduct more complete and accurate studies with a transparency and accessibility that is beneficial across a variety of scientific areas and studies. Learn more about therapeutic areas that have already had success using the system below.

Scientific Updates:



The Vium Discovery Lab

Vium's Discovery Lab performs contract research for clients providing 24/7 remote monitoring of studies and digital metrics utilizing Vium’s Smart Housing™ technology.  Every cage in our facility is digitally enabled with 24/7 video recording and data streaming to the cloud.   Our system allows sponsors to view their studies at any time and watch the study progress in near-real time using our online Research Suite portal with live study views and data analysis.

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