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Vium offers technical and scientific support to its customers through multiple channels. The Vium Knowledge Base is a repository of information that is useful for familiarizing yourself with the Vium Smart Housing System. It contains technical documents like spec. sheets and manuals as well as frequently asked questions and operational recommendations.

To easily raise an issue/question, or make a suggestion, you may submit a support ticket or start a chat using the green icon found at the lower right-hand corner of this page. This support icon can also be found on the Knowledge Base and the Vium Research Suite. You may also email support@vium.com, or call (650) 797-2001 during business hours (9 A.M. – 5 P.M. PST/PDT) to receive support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Does The Vium Smart Housing System Consist Of?

    The Vium Smart Housing System is made up of three primary components:
    1) Smart Rack- A digital rodent housing rack where subjects are housed in IVC caging and monitored via sensors and a digital video camera above the homecage (not connected to the cage itself) that provides 24/7 video recording.
    2) Smart Blower- Provides negative and positive airflow evenly throughout the rack to individual ventilated cages..
    3) Base Station- The “brain” of the system which controls the rack, collects the video from each cage and transmits it via the internet to the Vium Cloud.
    4) Vium Research Suite - A web interface to access studies and data run on the Vium Smart Housing System.

  • What Type of Caging Does Vium Smart Housing Use?

    Vium Smart Housing is designed to work with Innovive IVC disposable cages. No additional modification or special enhancements are needed, as all sensors and videos are housed above the homecage itself. Innovive cages are disposable and recyclable with no need for cage washing.

  • What Types of Animals Work with Vium Smart Housing?

    Vium has developed Smart Housing racks for both Mice and Rats. The Mouse Smart Housing Rack is currently available for purchase while the Rat Smart Housing Rack is in development.

  • How Many Animals Per Cage Does The System Support?

    In order to obtain individual metrics the system requires single housing of subjects. The system can be used with multi-housed animals but the Digital Metrics will provide only aggregate readings of all the subjects within a cage. The ability to provide metrics for individual animals within a multi-housed cage is currently in development.

  • How Does One Access and View Their Study Data?

    Vium has developed a study and rack management application for setting up and managing studies run on the system. One can also view active studies and yes, the Vium Research Suite includes a Rack Management or LIMs system as well as a portal to view ongoing studies, streaming video and study data, analytics, and design studies. For more information please see the Vium Research Suite brochure.

  • Who Owns the Study Data?

    Clients own all study data for studies they perform using Vium Smart Housing, unless otherwise specified and agreed to.

  • What Happens to Study Data in the Event of an Internet or Power Loss?

    The Base Station has two internal 2TB hard drives that will record data for up to 48 hours in the event of an internet connection outage. When internet is restored, the stored data will be automatically transferred to the Vium cloud. In the event of power loss, the cages can be converted to static racks until power is restored.

  • What Sort of Internet Connection or Additional Facilities Requirements Do You Need to Connect the Smart Racks?

    Vium will perform a site evaluation to determine specific needs. In general, the system requires 1 high-speed ethernet connection (2 preferable), power connection, and approximatley 9x2’ feet per rack and blower setup.

  • What sort of studies can be run on the Vium Platform?

    The Vium System can used for any standard rodent study, regardless of study duration. The system is capable of monitoring animals 24/7 as long as is needed, supporting any study duration.

  • How Soon is the Data Accessible After it is Captured?

    It usually takes approximately 10-15 minutes for subject video to be processed and then streamed in the VIum Research Suite

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