Vium Smart Housing

Automated Data Collection and Subject Monitoring

“Vium’s data science fundamentals represent the critical difference in matters of reproducibility, efficiency and error reduction in the preclinical environment.”

Andrew A. Radin, CEO, twoXAR, Inc.

System Overview

Vium Smart Housing Rack

  • 49 individually ventilated cages
  • 24/7 data collection
  • Uses disposable IVC caging

Vium Research Suite

  • System and Study Management Web Application
  • Access and view studies from your web browser
  • Real time streaming of Digital Biomarker data

Base Station

  • Connects Vium Smart Housing™ to Vium cloud
  • Supports up to four Vium Smart Housing racks
  • Internal back-up storage for up to 48 hours

Smart Blower

  • Provides airflow for two Vium racks
  • Connected to the cloud allowing for remote control and monitoring
  • HEPA filtration at both supply and return

Vium Digital Biomarkers

Vium’s platform provides continuous real-time measurement of Motion, Breathing Rate, and percent time running on wheel. These novel Digital Biomarkers are collected and available throughout the course of the study and are available for viewing in real-time.

A key Digital Biomarker recorded in Vium’s Smart Housing, subject movement is a reliable surrogate for non-invasively monitoring disease onset, progression and treatment and is applicable across many research areas. The Vium Motion biomarker forms the basis upon which many disease indications are monitored on our platform.
Breathing Rate
Tracking individual subject breathing non-invasively in the home cage is another key biomarker that is automatically provided with Vium’s Smart Housing system. Breathing is a key physiological measurement that provides novel insights into drug discovery and efficacy testing.
To date, animal disease models have generally not including Breathing Rate as a biomarker as it has not been feasible to continuously record subject breathing across an entire study.
Wheel Running
This biomarker determines whether a mouse is running on the wheel on a continuous basis and reports the percentage of time spent running on the wheel for a given period of time.
The percent time running on wheel biomarker provides valuable information on many aspects of an animal’s well-being and physiology, including motor function, energy balance, and cognition, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression-like behaviors. The percent time on the wheel provides insights into subject activity and is applicable across many research areas.

Improved Insights and Accuracy

  • Automated objective data collection, reducing errors and bias from subjective manual data collection
  • The ability to monitor and record subjects 24/7 provides unrivaled ability to capture Digital Biomarker data both day and night for the entire study
  • Non-invasive physiological readouts provide novel views into subject health and well-being which can be applied broadly in various research and disease applications

Transparency and Efficiency

  • Easily monitor subjects and study results remotely from any internet-enabled device
  • Digital biomarker data and analysis updated in real-time
  • Instantly share study results with colleagues around the world
  • Obtain a complete video recording of your study for future data mining

Animal Welfare

  • Objectively measure indicators of animal health and well-being using automated digital biomarkers without disturbing the animal
  • Receive real-time notifications for animals with digital biomarker changes indicative of declining health or onset of disease state
  • Reduce the number of found dead animals improving study power and scientific outcomes
  • Minimize animal handling that may inadvertently lead to stress and alter study results
Smart Housing Mouse Rack

24/7 Automated Subject Monitoring

  • 24/7 HD Video recording, day and night, from above-cage cameras
  • Automatically captures subject physiological and behavioral biomarkers non-invasively
  • Individually lit cages with LED white light and IR light for night-time video capture
  • 49 Cage positions for full-scale studies

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Vium Smart Housing™ Brochure
Case Studies

24/7 Automated Data Collection and Subject Monitoring

Vium Smart Housing is a revolutionary rodent housing system that records 24/7 subject video and a wide range of physiological data in the home-cage.

Utilizing HD cameras and remote sensors, the system non-invasively generates automated Digital Biomarkers are continuously captured in real-time and are instantly accessible online providing unrivaled access to in vivo study data.

As part of an integrated digital system, the Vium system allows scientists to control and monitor their study from their computer via their secure on-line Vium Research Suite account.

Vium Research Suite

Access Experiment Video and Study Data Online

  • View HD video and data from any ongoing or completed study
  • Manage racks and cage positions virtually
  • Download study data for further analysis

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Vium Smart Housing™ Brochure
Case Studies

The Vium Research Suite is an online interface for securely accessing all aspects of an ongoing study that uses our Smart Housing system.

Researchers can manage and monitor experiments, including setting up a new study, view ongoing and completed studies, including subject video, Digital Biomarker data and graphs, download study data, access system management tools, and more.

Vium Base Station

Connects Vium Smart Housing to the Vium Cloud

  • Supports up to 4 Vium Smart Housing racks
  • Provides up to 48 hours of local data back-up

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Specification Sheet

The Vium Base Station is the secure link between studies taking place in Vium Smart Housing and the Vium Cloud.

All video and sensor data collected by the Smart Housing cages are collected by the Base Station and are regularly transferred to the Vium Cloud. All data collected is then accessible in real-time from any web browser via the online Research Suite.

The Base Station also provides 48 hours of local data backup in the event of internet loss. Once the internet connection is restored, the data is transferred to the cloud and processed.

Vium Smart Blower

Air Flow for Vium Smart Housing Racks

  • Provides consistent clean airflow for up to 2 Vium Smart Housing racks
  • Connected to the cloud allowing for remote setting and monitoring
  • HEPA filtration

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The Smart Blower provides HEPA filtered air to the Individually Ventilated Cages (IVC) contained within the Smart Housing racks.

The Smart Blower is designed to provide airflow for one or two Vium Smart Racks and can be set to provide either negative or positive pressure. It contains HEPA filters at both the supply and exhaust. and can be monitored and controlled from within the online Research Suite.

“PLab chose Vium because its automated platform ensures higher quality data and more effective analytics.”

Ethan O. Perlstein, Ph.D., Founder/CEO Perlstein Lab

A Wide Range of Applicable Therapeutic Areas


  • Lung Injury (Paraquat)
  • Lung Fibrosis (Bleomycin)
  • Lung Infection (p-aeruginosa)


  • Lupus (MRL/lpr)
  • MS (MOG1-125 or 35-55)
  • Rat Collagen-Induced Arthritis


  • Immuno-oncolgy
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Glioblastoma (GL261)


  • Lung Fibrosis (Bleomycin)
  • Acute Liver Injury
  • Cytokine Activation

CNS & Phenotyping

  • Niemann-Pick Type C
  • MS (Cuprizone)
  • Aging
Additional benefits
  • Track longitudinal changes in animal behavior and physiology across different mouse strains and models
  • Perform phenotypic screens with greater efficacy and reproducibility
  • Reduce sample size requirements due to larger effect sizes
  • Monitor animal welfare remotely 24/7
  • Observe disease earlier and for longer periods
  • Non-invasively track disease progression and pulmonary dysfunction
  • Complements traditional ex vivo tissue analysis

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